About Us

We are an advisory company working with health systems, biopharmaceutical companies, technology providers and investors in the areas of precision medicine and precision health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable people to live healthily for longer by optimising the translation of cell & gene and longevity-related technologies into effective use worldwide.

Our Clients

Biopharma Companies and Technology Providers. We create fast-track development and market access strategies for precision medicine and precision health technologies. Our global expertise enables matching of solutions with national and regional disease priorities, opportunities for efficiency gains, and availability of skilled professionals for implementation. 

Health Organisations, Bioclusters and Technology Translation Centers. We collaborate in the development and application of globally applicable precision medicine solutions, in both developed and middle-income economies, enabling the latter to leapfrog the problems challenging more developed health systems. 

Investors. We source the best precision medicine solutions from around the world, and assess their readiness for investment and identify optimum locations for their development. 

Policy Development Bodies and Organisations. We advise on the policy initiatives necessary to encourage the launch, spread and adoption of healthy lifespan technologies so important for sustainable health systems

Partner Organisations