New Medicine Partners

We are an advisory company that creates strategies for precision medicine and precision health to advance healthy lifespan.

Why Us?

We span the fields of biopharmaceuticals, including gene and cell therapies, molecular diagnostics, digital health and longevity science. We bring in the experience of working with industry leaders, public healthcare systems and governments, which makes us different from technology transfer specialists working at the academia-industry interface. We view technologies from the growth, value proposition and revenue generation perspective.

National and Health
System Strategies for
Healthy Longevity
Strategic Advisory in
Accelerating Potentially
Disruptive Early-Stage
Technologies to Advance
Healthy Lifespan
Technology Selection and Appraisal
for Investment

Example Projects

Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network

NMP assists KSS AHSN in developing a commercial model for the Accelerated Medicines Digital Design Studio as a part of the bid for consortium funding.


NMP is assisting this UK-based startup company in assessing the potential of CBD oil in health, wellness and longevity applications with the focus on cancer and arthritis.